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Evaluating leadership through structured team feedback
As the year draws rapidly to a close, the thoughts of many a manager turn to that most dreaded of annual tasks – the performance review. Often [...]
#censusfail – a case study in how not to manage peak load
Well, I think its safe to call the result of this year’s Australian census, making it a much quicker call than our Federal election last month [...]
The Student Services conundrum: Part 3 – graduate outcomes and the (potential) role of the service centre
In the first two posts of this trilogy I discussed the background of the Flinders Connect student service centre and a strategy for driving the highest [...]
The Student Services conundrum: Part 2 – the complexity vs capability equation
In the first post of this trilogy I set the scene around the creation of a new student service centre, and noted that many of the enquiries answered during [...]
The Student Services conundrum: Part 1 – setting the context
Me: ‘You know you can make this purchase online and you won’t have to wait in a queue here, right?’ Student: *shrugs shoulders* [...]
UCE Week 3 – opening a new service centre
As some of you may know, my role for the last six months has been setting up a new student services centre at Flinders University. This new service, called [...]
Student retention – not how, but why
For the last two days I’ve been in attendance at the Strategies for Student Retention conference in Melbourne. The conference was an interesting mix [...]
The MOOC as a network broker
Inspiration for blog posts can happen at the strangest, and most inopportune times, and this happened to me on Thursday last week, the penultimate day of [...]
The ‘work ready’ graduate and the problems of perception
As often happens, a valued node in my professional network friend has got me thinking, and thinking to the extent that I need to write a post to help [...]
UCE152 Week 2 – the psychological aspects behind customer experiences
This week’s topic in UCE152 was the psychological foundations which underpin customer experience, which provided some good brain food as we count [...]