Moodle 2.3 – five new features I’m excited about

I'm excited!Those who know me well should also know that I am a cynical old bugger.

When Moodle 2.0 came out, I was more concerned with working through the at times nightmarish consequences of the 2.x file management paradigm and condemning myself for nearly two years of explaining it to all and sundry (lets face it, its not the most exciting thing in the world to be considered an expert on – why couldn’t I have been an expert in something cool like being ‘open’ – I’d be famous by now). When the new iPad came out I was all like, ‘meh, its another iPad, if it still ain’t gonna run Flash then I still don’t care that much’. Even when the rubrics functionality landed in 2.2 I was only mildly enthusiastic – sure, it was undeniably good, but it was one shining light in a release that otherwise didn’t really blow my socks off when I looked at all the other things that I really hoped would get fixed.

Well ladies and gentlemen, on the eve of 2.3 being released, I can now honestly say I am excited.

I’ve also made a promise to myself that I will not write one of my usual slow-moving, Tolstoy-esque posts filled with German efficiency and conceptual deconstruction of each new feature – for once I just want to show off the five-plus-one new features that I think will make 2.3 the biggest functional leap forwards since the release of 2.0 using the magic of moving pictures. Yes, its a ‘talkie’. Enjoy.

Note also that I’ve not even touched on the new Assignment module, or the changes to the File picker – I’ll wait until closer to the date and do something separate on those ones, unless someone else beats be to it ;)