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Evaluating leadership through structured team feedback
As the year draws rapidly to a close, the thoughts of many a manager turn to that most dreaded of annual tasks – the performance review. Often [...]
#censusfail – a case study in how not to manage peak load
Well, I think its safe to call the result of this year’s Australian census, making it a much quicker call than our Federal election last month [...]
The MOOC as a network broker
Inspiration for blog posts can happen at the strangest, and most inopportune times, and this happened to me on Thursday last week, the penultimate day of [...]
Seven life lessons I’ve learned from riding mountain bikes
Perhaps its a symptom of getting older, but I see far more connections between seemingly unrelated things these days. If it was twenty years ago and I was [...]
On conferences
I admitted before the start of this week’s SSCC conference that I really had no idea what to expect. Since bidding au revoir to the edtech community [...]
How I lost my faith in the LMS (or ‘my journey towards LMS nihilism’)
It was a couple of weeks back now when I threw out a tweet asking what my next blog post should be, and as I should have predicted, it came back with the [...]
Flinders University – a new challenge
First up, the (now somewhat old) news – I will be leaving NetSpot/Blackboard next week to take up a position at Flinders University here in the south [...]
Learning Analytics – bridging the interpretation gap
First up, I’d like to thank Simon Buckingham-Shum for his recent post on learning analytics. Rarely do I read a blog post which not only considers an [...]
Zen and the art of Learning Analytics
I was fortunate this week to travel to Dunedin on the South island of New Zealand to attend the ascilite 2014 conference, and one of the notable aspects of [...]
Virtual first – redefining ‘normal’ in a blended team
Much has been said over the years about the rise of virtual teams, including the benefits and drawbacks of remote workers and those staunchly for and [...]