Student Services

The Student Services conundrum: Part 3 – graduate outcomes and the (potential) role of the service centre
In the first two posts of this trilogy I discussed the background of the Flinders Connect student service centre and a strategy for driving the highest [...]
The Student Services conundrum: Part 2 – the complexity vs capability equation
In the first post of this trilogy I set the scene around the creation of a new student service centre, and noted that many of the enquiries answered during [...]
The Student Services conundrum: Part 1 – setting the context
Me: ‘You know you can make this purchaseĀ online and you won’t have to wait in a queue here, right?’ Student: *shrugs shoulders* [...]
Student retention – not how, but why
For the last two days I’ve been in attendance at the Strategies for Student Retention conference in Melbourne. The conference was an interesting mix [...]
On conferences
I admitted before the start of this week’s SSCC conference that I really had no idea what to expect. Since bidding au revoir to the edtech community [...]
Flinders University – a new challenge
First up, the (now somewhat old) news – I will be leaving NetSpot/Blackboard next week to take up a position at Flinders University here in the south [...]