Mahara in Practice 2 – Mahara Assessment in Moodle

Last time I posted about assessment in Mahara it was using Mahara’s somewhat limited capacity to act as an assessment tool. I got no problem with this, since I agree that things like a Gradebook really belong in an LMS rather than in an ePortfolio, collaboration and social networking tool like Mahara.

But what if you need to do a more formal assessment in an LMS like Moodle?

A single sign-on integration between Moodle and Mahara is nothing new, and has already provided a basic integration between the two systems, but there has never been a neat way for students to submit a selection of work from their ePortfolio into Moodle for assessment beyond copying and pasting links between the two systems…

…until now.

Thanks to funding made available by the New Hampshire Department of Education the Mahara development team have developed an enhanced integration between Moodle 1.9 and Mahara which allows users to search their ePortfolio from within Moodle and submit Mahara views for assessment. The integration also pushes any outcome-based results from Moodle back into the student’s ePortfolio. The video below gives an overview of the integration and a live demo of how the integration works. Enjoy – and special thanks to the good folks at UniSA for letting me use their demo site to make this video.

You can find documentation and patches for this integration on the Mahara website, see you all at the UK or Australian Moodlemoots coming soon!

9 thoughts on “Mahara in Practice 2 – Mahara Assessment in Moodle

  1. Nice clear introduction. Looking forward to getting our Mahara + Moodle SSO set up and then tinkering with adding this functionality.

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  3. Hi Mark
    I am supporting an RTO implementing Moodle and Mahara, but this also puts me on a steep learning curve just ahead of my client. I have to confess up front that I am still not convinced of e-learning and get to witness more bad than good examples of e-learning in practice. I have also had to save quite a few students who have been the victims of poorly exicuted e-learning.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video tutorial and look forward to looking at more of your work. Please continue the excellent work.

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